Solutions for the Senior Care Industry

ALF Software Solutions is a new class of software concern committed to catalyzing the competence and competitiveness of its clients by helping them succeed through the power of information technology. Driven by the credo that solutions are effective only when organizational needs are accurately ascertained and aptly addressed; ALF Software Solutions looks upon itself as an integral part of its client's organization.

  • I began using ALF Software Solutions a year and a half ago after spending over six years with a different system. It is intuitive enough that with a few simple instructions you are able to begin using it immediately; more detailed training is then provided with rapid responses to any questions or difficulties you may have. I would not want to return to the previous system for ALF Software Solutions is simpler to use, less time consuming and enables me to work accurately with access to the information I need quickly.

    Business Office Manager
    Salem, OR

  • Timekeeper is a great software. It is simple to navigate, and the different reports are an added bonus. I would definitely recommend this product for any healthcare Business Office Manager.

    Business Office Manager
    Tigard, Oregon

  • Spa has been so helpful and has made my life so much easier when it comes to doing service plans! The program we used before asked repetitive and irrelevant questions that took up so much of my time. SPA is perfectly simple and I get service plans done in less then half the time! SPA also contains so much helpful information that I use on a daily basis, I no longer need to pull resident's medical charts to get an answer to a quick question, it's all located on their SPA profile!

    Resident Care Coordinator
    Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • The points system in SPA is very accurate based on the individual residents acuity. The ability to customize the assessments for each resident makes the program unique and user friendly. I couldn't imagine the RCC position without this program and all the tools it has to offer.

    Resident Care Coordinator
    Junction City, Oregon

  • ALF Software Solutions products (especially SPA) has been an imperative factor to the success of our building. It allows me to create detailed and accurate service plans for our residents and staff in a timely manner. The organization of the program makes me able to perform my job with ease. Without a doubt, ALF Software Solutions has developed the most effective service planning program I've ever used.

    Resident Care Coordinator
    Bend, OR

  • Timekeeper is one of the most "user friendly" tools I have used.It should be called the Time saver, I get everything done in a timely matter thanks to this program! Can't imagine Office Life without it! Thanks.

    Business Office Manger
    Junction City, Or

  • I have been employed with Frontier for 3 months, and I can attest that the ALF Software is very user friendly! I can easily find what I am looking for because everything is centrally located on the Home page. Timekeeper makes payroll processing smooth and painless, and AR is visibly organized with useful reports and easy-to-use functions, which makes my job a lot easier since I utilize these programs all day!

    Business Office Manager
    Bremerton, WA

  • ALF Software Solutions has been a top quality product that has allowed me to access community information from wherever I am located. All programs are extremely user friendly, and are a breeze to navigate through as they were clearly designed with the user in mind. ALF Software Solutions offers different webinars with open Q and A for users, which speaks to the elevated level of their Customer Service. A fantastic program all around, that I would recommend to anyone.

    Regional Vice President
    Albany, OR

  • Alf Software solutions has saved me so much time and is so user friendly. All the software interacts with each other and instead of having to track things down the data is right there and easily accessible. As an Executive Director I need to find answers fast and I am able to do that, Thank you!

    Executive Director
    Coos Bay, OR

  • I like the fact that I can instantly see employees clock in/outs it cuts down on our exceptions slips and time to enter them. Also I love that it is so user friendly and easy to fix mistakes. The staff understands it more and can manage their own times.
    Thank you for providing us with this product. It is wonderful!!

    Business Office Manager
    Bend, OR

  • ALF software solutions have given great peace of mind with the vast amount of staffing, care, and operational reports available in SPA. The SPA system is user friendly and directly impacts the ability to care for residents, monitor staffing and budget, along with providing multiple report options for compliance. I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Executive Director
    Burlington, WA

  • The ALF TimeKeeper software is easy to navigate and use. The screen display is not cluttered and pleasing to the eye. Any concerns or questions are answered promptly and handled immediately. I particularly like the "notes" section for punches. I am able to document what I did and why with each punch.

    Business Office Manager
    Loveland, Colorado

  • What I like best about Alf Software Solutions....."There is no such thing as a dumb question". Learning is FUNdamental and I have never been made to feel like I needed a book written especially for Dummies. Thanks Alf Software Solutions.

    Executive Director
    Green Valley , AZ

  • I am very impressed with the SPA program, it is by far the most user friendly; easy to use; and easy for caregivers to follow. Case managers at Senior Services have thanked me many times for this program because to them is makes much better sense than other communities programs.

    Executive Director
    Lebanon, OR

  • I love ALF Software Solutions!!! It was such a refreshing change from Yardi. It is user friendly and has cut the time in half of what it used to take me to do AP and Billing. Accounts receivable is so easy. Every thing you need is at your fingertips. Timekeeper makes payroll almost fool proof. SPA is the best tool I have seen to do service plans and update the resident care needs. No more endless forms and the points are calculated as it goes along, no more wondering if you added right. All in all just an amazing tool.

    Business Office Manager
    Seaside, OR